MaryAnn Rule

I am the school board chair of a private school and we contract with Coastal Technology Concierge, LLC directly with Kristin Zouras CEO. We have an assortment of iPads, old laptops, and desktops with too many hands working on them all. We are in an environment of tough use, technology chaos, and too many opinions directing what should be done with our IT. Kristin professionally walks our mine field sorting out what should actually be accomplished, keeping a detailed and accurate inventory of our equipment including each piece’s current condition. She monthly checks on each piece’s status, updates software where needed, and installs the security software keeping our students safe. Kristin makes recommendations combined with options as to how we should proceed with software, internet connectivity, and equipment and then respects our decisions even if we don’t act. She is always available for emergencies and you can only imagine how many we have. We decided to upgrade our connectivity and Kristin quoted us three different options on how to proceed. After we signed the contract, she purchased all the hardware and wiring, contracted with an expert, oversaw the rewiring of the building, and delivered a complete new upgraded internet wifi and ethernet system without one glitch, on time, in the midst of complete chaos the week before school started. All this with a calmness that is a rare trait and contagious attitude. Kristin not only has a depth of knowledge, but also patience to work with old barely workable laptops until we have the resources to replace them. Beyond this, she has the patience to work with too many people directing her in too many directions. I recommend Kristin, Coastal Technology Concierge, LLC, with the highest amount of recommendation available for her knowledge, organization skills, and integrity combined with patience. I can be available and delighted to answer questions about her and her company, Coastal Technology Concierge, LLC.

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