Malware prevention and removal

The malware removal and prevention service of Coastal Technology Concierge automatically eliminates malware material from your application/program, ensuring a stable visitor experience. Think about our malware removal/prevention service as immediate pest control for your application – if there is a malware problem, it is instantly removed.

Cloud computing/O365

Costal Technology Concierge offers cloud computing services that place your business on the right path. If you're trying to build a multi-cloud strategy to diversify the cloud environment, or you just need a single framework, we devise a plan that's ideally tailored to your company. You pick the cloud management situation that's perfect for you – whether it's a public, private or hybrid cloud.

We provide a detailed roadmap to help companies easily implement and integrate their IT environment into the cloud. Our cloud computing specialists carry with them the broad knowledge needed to chart the plan and path consistent with your operational objectives.


Data backup, recovery and migration

Do you worry that your data will not be adequately backed up? That your backups skip vital files or are not scheduled regularly enough? When tragedy strikes, the data is the secret to keeping your company up and going. Without it, clients cannot be helped, employees can't do their work, and companies lose money. Ensure that your data is safe and backed up with CTC and protect the continuity of your enterprise.

CTC Data Recovery Services offer peace of mind with multiple daily backups. Don't let a mishap slow down your business expansion. Go forward—always—with CTC full Data Recovery Solution so you can be up and running in minutes to hours, not days.


We also offer solutions to our clients for network cabling, fiber optic cabling, data center cabling, office relocation and a wide range of options to install security infrastructure solutions.


Our programs can be offered to both big and small venues. Our talented team of seasoned technicians will help you prepare and develop an integrated network cabling system for your data center, server room, or entire office. We provide a full range of facilities, including installation, infrastructure design and termination.


Computer setup, tune-up and repair

We help you design and create a machine that has the features suitable for your applications. We perform a physical hardware tune-up and a software tune-up for your slow machine.

We also look for computer issues and repair them. This can involve motherboard repair, hardware updates and malicious software removal – or may include a device clean up or tune-up.

Wireless networking configuration and optimization

Design, integrate and optimize wireless networks that satisfy all business objectives.


We provide a specialized consulting service to help clients and stakeholders who need a wireless specialist's professional expertise.


Optimizing current networks requires a broad understanding of the environment, the use of wireless technologies, business implementations and much more. We help consumers to work smarter.


Software support

Developing or buying a tech solution and incorporating it into your business systems are just the first two steps of the life of a software framework.

From the day your development framework goes online, you will face the need to start supporting, maintaining and properly "evolving" your program.

Software hosting services

If you’re not ready to make the jump to QuickBooks Online and prefer QuickBooks Desktop or some other type of software that must be accessed from multiple locations, we can provide hosting support.


Video camera installation

CTC experts will set up a cost-effective surveillance camera device to address unique security challenges and needs. With CTC, no project is too complex, too large or too small.

Home automation

Your home may consist of several different electronic devices. Every day, from the TV in your living room to the lighting fixtures on every wall, you use sophisticated technology. But what if the same gadget you used to change the channel might also dim the lights or alter your thermostat temperature?

Our CTC specialists can make your life simpler than ever before by having each system work together to build a robust framework. One-touch buttons, pre-set timers and programmable scenes are only some of the ways our built framework can make your spaces easier.


Web design

A well-designed website can do wonders to draw new customers, impress potential clients, catch an employer's eye or increase your subscriber base. A dull and boring site will just have the opposite effect on people viewing it.

A great website is one that combines design elements with copywriting skills as a way of creating something greater than its individual parts – in this case being visually attractive yet user-friendly no matter what device someone might be using when accessing your page!

Email services

With all the brute-force attacks on email accounts, you want to make sure your accounts are protected. Let us configure your settings to keep hackers from getting into your account and sending everyone in your address book malware or wire instructions. Move away from @gmail.com and get your own professional custom domain.


OneDrive / SharePoint

We help businesses and organizations manage and store their documents on SharePoint and OneDrive. We also provide OneDrive Business Consulting Services to help companies start using cloud storage and allow team members to collaborate effectively within their teams anywhere on any device. There is no need to drag your laptop with you to lunch when you can pull up your documents on your phone or tablet. We can help your team work together more effectively and efficiently.

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